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Authentic Japanese Kimono 

Ohio Kimono is one of the largest and is among the most trusted online Japanese Kimono stores. We offer an ever-changing selection of traditional Japanese Kimono in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and sizes. Since 2009, our traditional Kimono store has sold thousands of authentic Kimono to customers from all over the world, most of which live in the United States. Our customers span the country; New York and Boston all the way to California, Hawaii, and Texas. Online there are over 1,200 authentic Kimono such as yukata and furisode, Haori, Obi, Tabi Socks, Kitsuke Tools, and more, which are in stock at all times. Our USA shipping times are unrivaled, and we ship all our orders from our Ohio warehouse. Customers love our expedient shipping times and trust us for our premium quality, fast shipping, and amazing customer service. From yukata to furisode, or haori to juban, we have a large selection of genuine goods directly imported from Japan.

Every week new inventory is added to our site, which means we have an ever-changing selection of haori, obi, kimono, tabi socks, and more.

Japanese Kimono and Obi

 Kimono Imported From Japan

Utterly elegant, many people find themselves drawn to kimono but are intimidated to wear them. Japanese Kimono are timeless and can be worn by any gender, any body type, any race, any religion, and at any age. Learning how to wear a Japanese kimono is fun and exciting. The manner in which someone wears a Kimono profoundly reflects on their individual sense of taste and style. There are masculine Kimono and feminine Kimono, as well as a full range of various formalities expressed in the different kinds of Kimono. From Furisode to Yukata, we have a wide selection of authentic Kimono in stock. Regardless of culture, everyone is invited to learn about Japanese Kimono and wear them in a culturally respectful manner.


We take pride in the speed of our USA shipping, and in the quality of our authentic kimono. Do you need a kimono quickly? We offer rush shipping speeds for when you need an order fast.

Weekly restocks of kimono, haori, and more!

Every week we restock our online selection of Japanese kimono. Take the time to explore our ever-expanding online inventory. We are selective about the quality of our kimono in stock and look for ready-to-wear pieces that are beautiful and will make a statement. Our partners in Japan source kimono made from authentic materials that highlight traditional crafts that we think our customers will also delight in. We owe the success of our small family business to our customers, and we always desire to make new customers valued members of the global kimono community. Our customers can shop from our online store and also can visit our pop-up Kimono boutiques all year long as we travel from coast to coast selling authentic Japanese Kimono, haori, and yukata while offering culturally respectful Kimono dressings. 

Japanese Kimono - Vintage & Modern Fashion

Real Kimono From Japan

The Kimono has been worn for centuries by Japanese men and women and is considered a cultural icon for Japan. It evokes a sense of timeless beauty, elegance, sensuality, and a touch of mystery to the Western world. Japanese Kimono are constructed using a variety of older traditional craft methods which are popular among collectors such as shibori, and yuzen. In our stock is a wide range of Japanese textiles that are made from highly collectible methods. Our small company, Ohio Kimono, located in Ohio, helps to bring the glamour, appeal, and style to your special occasion with our uniquely illustrated Japanese Kimono. Whatever the use, our Kimono will stand out and add a subtle ZEN quality with the perfect balance of simplicity and practicality. If you are new to dressing in a kimono, yukata are considered a great starting point for beginners, and haori are a popular accessory for wardrobes. If you are a fan of vintage fashion and style, or modern fashionable statements kimono are an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

Yukata are among our top sellers, and we highly recommend them for anyone new to wearing traditional kimono. They are widely regarded are ideal for anyone new to dressing in a kimono, and require fewer accessories than more formal Japanese kimono such as a Furisode. Even better we have yukata for all ages and genders! We even have many obi in stock to wear with your yukata.

 Our store is constantly expanding as we add new stock every week. Most of our inventory arrived directly from Kyoto, Japan from two small businesses we with. One is a small family business that focuses on vintage kimono and goods, the other is a modern yukata factory that offers brand new styles and fashion. Longtime customers know to check back often.

 Japanese kimono require a variety of accessories to make wearing them in a traditional manner possible. We offer a full range of kitsuke tools. Ned a juba? We have them. Need geta? We also have them. Some of the kitsuke accessories offered are unique and only sold by us. From plus size koshihimo, juban and haneri to makura we have a great


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