This is a private listing for 14 youth girls yukata in various sizes, and gently used conditions, to brand new. The items will potentially have minor flaws, but still be viable to be worn and used in the performance. This price includes a promotional discount. The yukata are cotton, and random designs with a few different sizes to accomidate different body types.

At check out shipping will not be charged, however shipping will have to be paid for this order. I will weight the final package, and find the best price I can on the market and get it shipped. With the shipping costs, there will be 100% transparency.

14 Youth Yukata - Custom Order

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    Since 2009 we have been dedicated to sharing with others our passion for traditional kimono , haori , and kimono culture. Our main warehouse is located in Ohio, which means USA orders ship quickly and arrive in only a few business days. Much of our authentic stock comes from Kyoto, and Nagoya Japan. You can also visit our traveling Japanese kimono boutique in person.


    We feel that Japanese kimono make an elegant statement that anyone can appreciate. The diverse selection of authentic silk kimono in stock are among the more prized textiles we offer, which make ideal gifts for wearing in a traditional manner, and also as opulent loungewear.

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