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Tis elegant fukuro obi is covered in a whimsical gold and red butterfly design. These kinds of obi are considered formal women's attire, and are ideally worn with a tomesode, furisode, or a houmongi. Typically a few kitsuke accessories are needed to wear this kind of obi: 1 makura, 1 obi age, 1 obijime, 1 obidome.


  • Fukuro Obi Condition: B, there are a few flaws with this obi mostly in the form of a few lose threads.


All of our online kimono orders ship from our warehouse location in NW Ohio. As a result of being located in the USA most of our orders ship quickly, and arrive within a few business days at most. Additionally, we offer rush shipping and handling options for when you -need- a Japanese kimono, haori, or other kitsuke dressing accessory on a tight deadline.

Are you shopping for an unique gift for someone special? We are happy to help if you have any questions.

Black Fukuro Obi

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