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This modern black Japanese kimono is made of ro silk, and is in the style of mofuku. Mofuku are attire worn to funerals, and when someone is in mourning for the death of someone. IT is generally considered impolite to wear mofuku normally. However many Japanese use mofuku as a canvas and paint custom colorful designs on them, which makes them acceptable to wear. Mofuku are considered formal attire, and this one is for a woman.

This kimono is most likely new, and the mons on it have a covering one them. The covering over the mons is meant to be removed. Ro silk kimono are summer wear, and require a ro juban and nagoya or fukuro obi.


  • Kimono Condition: A-, minor flaws that have no impact on wear or presentation.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 50.5 in - 128 cm
  • Back Width:  24.5 in - 62 cm
  • Total Length: 61 in - 155 cm
  • Collar: Half
  • Lined: No
  • Mons: 5


Japanese kimono require a few accessories to be worn in a traditional manner. The art of wearing a kimono is called kitsuke. To be among the first to know about our sales, special events, and kitsuke tips for wearing your kimono consider signing up for our 'Kimono Insider' email list.

Black Japanese Kimono

  • We understand that sometimes there is a need to return an item. Please contact us regarding returns. Most returns incure a 25% restock fee, without shipping refunded. Please double check with us the details of your order, and read all of the provided information with each product, or ask us questions before ordering.

  • This is a quick guide to kimono and obi accessories. This is not a complete listing, and if you need more advanced help please contact us. Additionally you might want to consider reviewing the reference materials we suggest in the book review section of our online kimono store. These are quick reference lists tailored for beginners.


    • Kimono Kitsuke Accessory List (feminine):
      • 1 juban (kimono underwear)
      • 2 eri shin (collar stiffeners)
      • 1 obi ita (obi stiffener)
      • 1 obi with its cordinating accessories (hanhaba/nagoya/fukuro/maru).
      • Optional accessories include haori, and hakama.


    • Kimono Kitsuke Accessory List (masculine): 
      • 1 Koshihimo
      • 1 Juban
      • 1 Obi
      • Optional accessories include: netsuke, inro, hakama, and haori.


    • Obi Kitsuke Accessory List (Nagoya/Fukuro/Maru) (feminine):
      • 1 makura
      • 1 obijime
      • 1 obiage
      • 1 obidome (Hanhana obi do not require any accessories to wear)
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