Tomesode are highly formal types of kimono worn by women, of which the black versions are the most formal. The black tomesode known as the kurotomesode is worn exclusively by married women to very formal occasions such as a formal wedding in which they are an important guest.  The design of these kimono is always placed along the bottom hem of the kimono and typically features traditional symbolism associates with various seasons, long and happy marriages, and even wisdom and longevity. Along the bottom hem of this kimono are a great many beautiful fans and waves in green, yellow, white, and golden color tons. There is some embroidery included with the design of this kimono.


  • KuroTomesode Condition: B, some faint discolorations in the black in the form of fading, and some wear at the collar where it is worn folded in half against the skin. This kimono would benefit from being ironed. The interior lining of this kimono has aged, and has a signature yellowing typical of older silk.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 49 in - 124.46 cm
  • Back Width: 23 in - 58.42 cm
  • Length: 63 in - 160.02 cm
  • Collar: Full (is worn folded in half with an erishin)
  • Mons: 5
  • Liner: Full


Japanese kimono and their accessories have their own formalities and should be cordinated accordingly.

Black KuroTomesode

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