Store and travel with your kitsuke tools in style. Beautiful pink and red sakura flowers decorate this black bag. EAch of these bags are limited edition, with only a few in stock. These Japanese inspired lined cotton bags are made in the USA by an American artist who also loves to wear kimono. The ends of these bags feature a D ring, making them easy to clip onto to anything you want. These bags tackle a problem she has encountered - effectively travelling with and storing her kitsuke dressing accessories. These bags are large enough to hold a standard style makura, several koshihimo, obiage, obijime, a korin belt, and even some kimono clips. These bags are perfect gifts for the kimono lover in anyone's life. Optionally we sell bags with mini kitsuke kits.


Don't own a kimono? Don't worry, you can store pretty much anything in these wonderful travel bags; medications, travel goods, and more.


"It's deceptive how much these hold. I keep my meds, inhaler, gum, perfume, travel-sized deodorant, and more I can't recall in mine!" - Kat, Customer Review


  • Bag Condition: New
  • Bag Length: 8.5 in - 21.59 cm
  • Width: 4 in - 10.16 cm
  • Height:4 in - 10.16 cm


We offer FAST USA shipping, and are located in Ohio. These bags are made by our friends over at 'Sapien Ace Fabrications' and are designed exclusively for us.

Black & Pink Kitsuke Bag