This stunningly beautiful antique hanhaba obi is black with golden snowflakes and flowers in shades of silvery white, peach and apricot colors. This older obi is an exceptional example for hanhaba obi of it's period, and is in a style sought after by collectors.




Obi do not hold kimono onto a person's body, but rather are a decorative accent. Himo hold kimono on a person. We have himo for sale in our store, under the kimono accessories section.


  • Condition: B+, wonderful ready to wear condition. This obi is most likely an antique, and is in great condition for its advanced age, and could be worn with care. There will be minor flaws due to it's advanced age.
  • Obi Width: 5.5 in 
  • Obi Length: 102 in 
  • Material Estimate: Organic, potentially cotton

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Black & Silvery White Hanhaba Obi