This edelightful pin-back brooch obidome is vintage-inspired and is in the shape of a rearing unicorn. Colorful rhinestones decorate this obidome are beautiful blue and gold set in gold-colored metal.  Obidome are most commonly worn by women with obijime. Obidome are ideal for more formal outfits and kimono sets. Formal kimono such as furisode are most commonly worn with lavish obidome that make a statement, while more informal kimono such as yukata and everyday kimono tend to focus on more understated obidome.


  • Obidome Condition: A, brand new
  • Obidome Height: 3 in
  • Obidome Width: 2.5 in


Japanese kimono require a wide variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional style. Obidome are most commonly worn by women. Men typically will wear items such as netsuke, though obidome and netsuke have different applications and methods in which they are worn.

Blue & Green Obidome