This blue men's juban has on it's back a cityscape scene featuring people walking across a bridge while dressed in traditional attire. In the distant background of the city looms the majestic and iconic Mt Fuji. Juban are underwear for kimono, and when worn properly under a kimono are visible at only the collar and wrists. Men's attire is traditionally very plain on the exterior, with designs traditionally featured in the under layers.


  • Juban Condition: B+ some minor flaws that do not impact wear or presentation. 
  • Wrist To Wrist: 51 in - 129.54 cm
  • Back Width: 25 in - 63.5 cm
  • Length: 53l5 in - 135.89 cm
  • Liner: Full
  • Collar: Half (haneri recommended)


Juban are popular to wear as loungewear, and even a few have become smoking jackets over the years.

Blue Juban