This unused vintage women's nagoya obi is bold red with a maple leaf design in white, green, and orange colors. This kind of obi is considered semi-formal and required additional accessories to be worn traditionally.  Obi are worn atop of Japanese kimono and are a decorative element. Obi do not hold kimono on a person's body, rather koshihimo are used to tie a kimono onto a person. Much like kimono obi have their own formalities, styles, and accessories.


The white strings seen in the photo of this product are because it is new unused. These strings had to be removed to measure the obi.


  • Obi Condition: A, new unused. The strings in the photos are because it is new. We had to remove these strings to measure the obi. 
  • Obi Accessories Required: Makura, Obiage, Obijime, Obi-Ita (which we sell in the kimono accessories)
  • Obi Length: 147 in
  • Obi Width:  6 in


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Bold Red & Autumn Green Nagoya Obi