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These elegant gold frame celestial bunnies are a great accent for your keychain. This charm comes in two versions: shooting star, or with a moon. You can even use these resin charms as an obidome for your kimono. Whatever it is you decide to use these charms for, we know you will be delighted by the delicate hand-placed charms and whimsy of our resin charms.


Gold Raven is a side project of ours, a fun and creative outlet which involves the creation of custom resin jewelry. Every single charm we offer for sale has been hand made by us, and is a unique and whimsical creation. Photos do not do these charms justice, everysingle one of our customers love their charms and exclaim how the photos simple do not capture how lovely they are. Our resin charms are anywhere from 4 to 7 individual layers of work, all details personally placed by hand.

Condition: A, New

Upgrade Options

  • Add On: Key Chain
  • Add On: Cosmetic Zipper Bag
  • Add On: Cellphone Charm Strap

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Celestial Buns

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