This striking brand new charcoal gray hanhaba obi is made from an easy to care for synthetic material. Hanhaba obi are considered informal women's attire and are traditionally worn with a casual kimono such as a yukata to social events. This obi is double sided featuring a darker grey design with sakura on one side, and the reverse with a lighter grey on the other side. These kinds of traditional obi are considered easy for beginners to learn how to wear and do not require additional accessories such as a makura, or obiage to wear.


  • Hanhaba Obi Condition: A, new.


Hanhaba obi are an informal kind of obi, and are only worn with the kinds of Japanese kimono that are traditionally considered informal such as yukata. Our online store with many authentic kimono includes a wide selection of cotton yukata for all ages and genders.

Charcoal Gray Hanhaba Obi