This vintage creamy beige colored silk women's iromuji has a decorative rinzu that is made up of small dragons. Iromuji are a highly versatile semi-formal type of women's Japanese kimono.  This kimono has been hand sewn. These types of kimono are typically a solid color and feature higher quality materials. These types of kimono are a classic go-to kimono for anyone needing a formal kimono type without wanting to worry about the finer aspects of when to wear something like a furisode, houmongi, and such.


  • Iromuji Condition: B, on the front left panel there is a visible discoloration and some faint dirt around the collar where it is folded in half. It may be possible to clean this kimono.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 48 in - 121.92 cm
  • Back Width: 22.5 in - 57.15 cm
  • Total Length: 56 in - 142.24 cm
  • Collar: Full (is worn folded in half with erishin inside)
  • Liner: Full
  • Mons: 1


Japanese kimono requires a variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional style. Contrary to popular belief the kimono is not held onto a person by the obi. Obi largely served a decorative role without any functional role. Kimono accessories such as koshihimo play the role of actually holding a kimono on a body.

Creamy Beige Iromuji