This cotton women's onsen kimono has an overall dark blue and white checkered pattern. This kind of kimono is very informal, and is typically only worn in the home and extremely casual informal settings.


  • Yukata Condition: B, this vintage yukata is in good ready to wear shape without any major or noteworthy flaws that impact wear or presentation.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 47 in - 119.38 cm
  • Back Width: 22 in - 55.88 cm
  • Kimono Length: 643 in - 109.22 cm


Please look at our kimono shop for further kimono accessories to help complete your kitsuke - such as obi, han eri, and haori. Yukata do not require many accessories to be worn but do require a koshihimo, which we sell. Hanhaba obi are normally worn with yukata.

Dark Blue & White Onsen