An overall geometric design covers this vintage durty red women's haori. The inside lining of this coat is especially beautiful and is a bold fire truck red color with various natural elements such as flowers. Some people favor coats like this one to wear inside out. Haori are a kind of coat worn atop of Japanese kimono.


Haori Condition: A-,  some faint minor flaws that have no impact on wear or presentation

Wrist To Wrist: 49 in - 124.46 cm

Back Width: 22.5 in - 57.15 cm

Length: 29 in - 73.66 cm


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Dusty Red Haori

  • Direct cooperation with other small businesses located in Japan ensures that we are able to source and acquire the finest of authentic haori. Each and every single haori we import is individually inspected and checked to ensure authenticity and quality. Haori rank in among our top all-time sellers because they are practical everyday attire that can easily be blended into anyone's wardrobe and worn as a fashional if not elegant coat. When wearing your haori, be aware that your haori is intended to hang open in the front, and that they never close in the front. This is because haori are the coats worn atop of kimono, and so they hang open in the front to better complement and display the kimono worn under them. Today haori are popular for wearing with pants, and a shirt during cooler weather.

  • Our haori come with their haori himo. When we inspect and review each haori, we make it a point not to remove and resell the haori himo if they are with the coat. Most of our haori have haori himo attached, though there will be some exceptions. Haori himo come in a wide variety of styles, lengths, and colors.