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This vintage men's haori features a beautiful earthy brown exterior and on the inside has a beautiful safe green colored lining. The interior lining of this men's haori features two samurai mounted on armored horseback. Both of the samurai have unique armor, and fine detailed art that respectfully represents traditional Japanese armor.


Haori are a kind of coat worn atop of kimono, and are not designed to close in the front, but rather hang open.


  • Haori Condition: B+, gently used with some minor flaws that do not seriously impact wear or presentation.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 51 in - 129.54 cm
  • Back Width: 24 in - 60.96 cm
  • Total Length: 36.5 in - 92.71 cm


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Earthy Brown & Sage Green Haori

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