Eri Shin are a great tool in your kitsuke tool box. These long plastic strips form a sturdy core that is hidden away inside the collar of a kimono, and or juban. Some people prefer to wear eri shin in both their kimono and juban at the same time to give their collar an extra crisp style. When worn properly eri shin are not visible. Eri Shin are commonly only worn by women. Eri means collar.

When storing and transporting your eri shin it is important not to fold or crease the plastic. When stored most people roll their eri shin to prevent it from being crushed or creased.


If you are buying an eri shin to wear during warmer weather you can use a hole punch to add a few holes to the plastic eri shin for comfort. This will better allow for air flow and heat to escape from your body.


  • Eri Shin Condition: New, sturdy white plastic.
  • Eri Shin Length: 31.75 inches
  • Eri Shin Width: 1.5 inches


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Eri Shin

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  • This is a quick guide to kimono and obi accessories. This is not a complete listing, and if you need more advanced help please contact us. Additionally you might want to consider reviewing the reference materials we suggest in the book review section of our online kimono store. These are quick reference lists tailored for beginners.


    • Kimono Kitsuke Accessory List (feminine):
      • 1 juban (kimono underwear)
      • 2 eri shin (collar stiffeners)
      • 1 obi ita (obi stiffener)
      • 1 obi with its cordinating accessories (hanhaba/nagoya/fukuro/maru).
      • Optional accessories include haori, and hakama.


    • Kimono Kitsuke Accessory List (masculine): 
      • 1 Koshihimo
      • 1 Juban
      • 1 Obi
      • Optional accessories include: netsuke, inro, hakama, and haori.


    • Obi Kitsuke Accessory List (Nagoya/Fukuro/Maru) (feminine):
      • 1 makura
      • 1 obijime
      • 1 obiage
      • 1 obidome (Hanhana obi do not require any accessories to wear)