Geisha : A Life (Alternative Title Geisha Of Gion) by Mineko Iwasaki and Rande Brown is the real life biography of one of the world's most renown Geisha. Unlike the book 'Memories Of A Geisha' which is a work of fiction, this book is based on the life and culture of the Geisha.


"Many say I was the best geisha of my generation," writes Mineko Iwasaki. "And yet, it was a life that I found too constricting to continue. And one that I ultimately had to leave." Trained to become a geisha from the age of five, Iwasaki would live among the other "women of art" in Kyoto's Gion Kobu district and practice the ancient customs of Japanese entertainment. She was loved by kings, princes, military heroes, and wealthy statesmen alike. But even though she became one of the most prized geishas in Japan's history, Iwasaki wanted more: her own life. And by the time she retired at age twenty-nine, Iwasaki was finally on her way toward a new beginning. Geisha, a Life is her story -- at times heartbreaking, always awe-inspiring, and totally true."


This book is a must-read for anyone interested in Japanese culture, and Geisha.

This book has two titles it is published under: Geisha: A Life and Geisha Of Gion. The titles may have different covers, are the contents are the same.

Geisha: A Life