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This lovely grey Japanese kimono is covered in a floral design. Thge kimono is lined with silk, and has a full width collar. This kimono is a larger than normal size, and had slightly longer than average sleeves.


This vintage silk royal blue houmongi is lined, and has a full width collar. This kind of Japanese kimono is formal attire that can be worn by married and unmarried women alike. Typically a nagoya obi or fukuro obi with worn with these kinds of Japanese Kimono. The design on this kimono is tsuba with real shibori. Tsuba are the sword hilt guard on Japanese blades.


  • Kimono Condition:  A, this Japanese kimono is in ready to wear condition without any notable flaws
  • Kimono Wrist To Wrist:  52 in - 132 cm
  • Kimono Back Width: 26.25 in - 67 cm
  • Kimono Length: 66.5 in - 169 cm
  • Kimono Sleeve Length:24.5 in - 63 cm

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Grey Japanese Kimono

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