Store and travel with your kitsuke tools or make-up in style. This fashionable blue and gold kitsuke or make-up bag is handmade in the USA by an American artist. These bags are fully lined, with piped seams. These bags are fully machine washable which is ideal for freshening up, or for removing any spilled make-up. The exterior of the bag features is made from a limited edition fabric that features an overall gothic and spooky vibe which is composed of spiders, skulls, bats, candles, and even carved pumpkins. The exterior fabric also features some glitter accents to give it a light sparkle. The inside of the bag is a grim solid gray.


These wonderful bags tackle a problem many fans of kimono have encountered - effectively traveling with and storing kitsuke dressing accessories. These bags are large enough to hold a standard style makura, several koshihimo, obiage, obijime, a korin belt, and even some kimono clips. Are you looking for a gift for someone in your life who wears kimono? These bags are perfect gifts for the kimono lover in anyone's life.


  • Bag Condition: New, 1 bag per listing without any accessories or other bags.
  • Bag Length: 8.5 in - 21.59 cm
  • Width: 4 in - 10.16 cm
  • Height:4 in - 10.16 cm


We offer FAST USA shipping, and are located in Ohio. These bags are made by our friends over at 'Sapien Ace Fabrications' and are designed exclusively for us. By purchasing this bag you are supporting an American artist and craftsperson. 

Grey & Orange Kitsuke Makeup Bag