Japanese kimono are made up of various parts that come in a wide variety of shapes and sides. Often scraps from the collars and sleeves are too small to be put into our main bundles. These smaller scraps are still ideal for use and are a wonderful bargain. The designs and selection is random in terms of what scraps will be sent to you. Some scraps will be a solid color, others will havge designs. This fabric bundle does not include the scissors, and only includes scrap fabric.


  • Scrap Condition: B, these are fragments of scrap left over from kimono, most are in good condition without flaws or significant problems. There will be some minor flaws possible, which is common for vintage used fabric.
  • Amount: Half pound
  • Materials: Silk, cotton, polyester, denim, and more. It is random. We commonly have many silks.


Upcycling kimono is a wonderful way to acquire unqiue fabrics not found elsewhere.

Half Pound Scrap Fabric