This elegant antique hanhaba obi for women has two unique sides, and is most likely made from an older obi such as a maru which was repurposed. One side has a vibrant flower design with cart wheels made up of many colors and flower types. The other side is solid ivory white. Either side of this obi can be worn outwardly, making it two for the price of one. This is an informal kind of obi worn with women's kimono.


Obi do not hold kimono on a person's body, and are decorative in function. Himo hold a kimono on a body. If you are new to wearing kimono, be certain to order him with your kimono purchase. We sell him in our accessories section.


  • Obi Condition: B+, gently used vintage with minimal flaws in ready to wear condition. There is some minor fray along the obi, typical for it's advanced age.
  • Obi Width: 6 in
  • Obi Length: 137 in
  • Material Estimate: Organic


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Ivory White & Green Hanhaba Obi