This vintage softcover book is a fairly extensive reference guide to dressing in many different kinds of traditional kimono for various ages and genders. Within the book there are a variety of traditional looks explored with step by step details photos.


There is a focus on more formal attire with an extensive section dedicated to dressing in and wearing furisode. Aside from the formal furisode a variety of more common everyday kimono looks are demonstrated. This book also includes a section for dressing children, which is not a common topic to find in many dressing books.  There is information about care, folding, and storage of kimono as well. This book is ideal for beginning to advanced kimono wearers.


  • Book Condition: B+ without any major stains, tears, or loose pages.
  • Page: 234
  • Language: Japanese, with ample step by step photos
  • Published & Written By: Shufunotomo Co. LTD.
  • Copyright: 1980
  • Book Printed: In Japan

Japanese Kimono Dressing