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Surprise yourself with a delightful kanzashi treat at a fraction of the cost! This grab bag will include 2 to 5 different mystery kanzashi of different colors and styles, up to a $50 value! The minimum value of these grab bags is $25.


**The product photos do NOT represent all the potential designs and colors includes.**


Condition: A, all new unused.


These kanzashi are handmade, and all come with a clip back ideal for use with hair, or even as an obidome.

Kanzashi Grab Bag

  • The act of putting on a kimono can be compared to art, a dance, or even a sort of ritual. One of the most common misconceptions about Japanese kimono that a complete outfit is composed of only a kimono and obi. In truth, to wear a kimono in a culturally respectful manner there are a variety of accessories that are hidden within the kimono and obi that give the kimono their elegant presentation and form.

    The most universal kimono accessories are koshihimo. Koshihimo are the long cords that are used to physically tie a kimono onto a persons body. As a quick rule of thumb the more formal the type of kimono, the more accessories and parts for wearing it.

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