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Thie katsura wig is in the style of Yuiwata. This hair style style is worn by maiko, apprentice Geisha.


This lovely katsura wig is in ready to wear condition. These kinds of wigs are prized for a variety of different purposes: cosplay, historical reinactment, theater, and more all make use of these wigs. This wig is made from real human hair, and features a metal frame on the inside of the wig to give it better structure and support. This wig was not previously owned by a maiko or a geisha, nor worn by one.

This wig is not in the style of bridal attire.

Katsura Wig Condition: B, has dust and dirt needs to be removed and can be done with tweezers
Katsura Wig Case Condition: C, this case has a number of problems with it. It will safely store a wig however.
Katsura Wig Diameter Size: 52 cm


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Katsura Wig

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