This lovely katsura wig is in the style worn by Japanese brides on their wedding day.  A metal frame is used to create the base and core structure on which the wig rests upon a wearers head. Typically a wig cap is worn under such a wig. This wig is in ideal condition for wearing for a wedding, in theater productions, and for advanced and detail oriented cosplay. In the past we have sold wigs such as this one to collectors who use them for display in their collections.


  • Wig Condition: B, minor flaws mostly in the form of some dust tht can be removed and some hairsneeding to be put back into place.
  • Case Condition: B the case is functional, and has a few cracks. The handle on this case is in working condition.
  • Size: Fits rougnly a 48 cm around head.


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Katsura Wig