Shimada Yuiwata

This vintage Japanese katsura wig is ready to wear and is the ideal accessory to be included in any number of kitsuke kits and Japanese kimono collections. Shimada Yuiwata is commonly the style worn by maiko in Kyoto today, and in historical context was popular among younger unmarried women in the Edo period.
 These kinds of wigs are prized for a variety of different purposes: cosplay, historical reenactment, theater, Japanese dance, and more all make use of these wigs. This wig is made from real human hair and features a metal frame on the inside of the wig to give it better structure and support. This accessories with the wig are free with the purchase of the wig, and are not sold separately.
This wig is not in the style of bridal attire.
  • Katsura Wig Condition: B, has dust and dirt needs to be removed and can be done with tweezers. Some stray hairs. This wig can be worn.
  • Katsura Wig Case Condition: B, this case has a number of small problems with it such as some cracks. The case will protect the wig, and its handle is in working condition.
  • Katsura Wig Inside Diameter Size: 48 cm (roughly)

Katsura Wig