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Korin belts are a great addition to any kimono cordination, and are a powerful kitsuke tool. Specifically this item helps keep the collar in place on juban, or kimono. This clip features metal instead of plastic, making it more durable and longer lasting.


  • Korin Condition: A, New. Packaging may vary for the korin belts. There are some minor varaiactions in the style of korin belts sold. The korin belt you get will be selected at random.
  • Video Kimono Dressing Tutorial For Using A Korin Belt:


Did you know that traditional Japanese kimono require a variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional style? Other traditional Japanese kimono accessories include haori, tabi socks, and more. To learn about how kimono are worn visit our kimono dressing page with videos demonstrating how authentic Japanese kimono are worn.

Korin Belt

  • All orders ship from NW Ohio with a tracking number and $50 insurance via USPS. Customers will be sent an email when their order is shipped, which includes their tracking number.

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