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This obi makura is brand new, and is in it's original packaging. This is regarded as a more generic style of makura, ideal for wearing in many situations, and is a pink color. Obi makura are a pad that is used along with a Japanese obi to help give it structure and form. Most commonly nagoya obi, fukuro obi, and maru obi require a makura to be worn in most styles.


  • Makura Condition: A, brand new direct from the factory. 
  • Makura Size: Adult


Did you know that traditional Japanese kimono require a variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional style? Makura are only 1 of many accessories used in kimono dressing. 


  • All orders ship from NW Ohio with a tracking number and $50 insurance via USPS. Customers will be sent an email when their order is shipped, which includes their tracking number.

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