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It is believed that this authentic Japanese katsura wig is in the style of momoware (桃割れ) which is known as the 'cracked peach' or 'split peach'. This wig needs its kanzashi and other accessories to go with it. This authentic Japanese katsura wig is made from real human hair, and has a metal frame on the inside. This wig comes with a carrying case.


  • Wig Condition: B, an older wig that is mostly in ready to wear condition. There are some minor flaws with this wig. This wig comes with a hair rat, and additional hair wrapped in a Japanese newspaper from 1987.
  • Wig Head Size: 49 cm around roughly
  • Case Condition: B- a few cracks and flaws but still in ready to use condition and will protect the wig.


We recommend paying for the additional carefully handling via USPS when selecting shipping options for this item.


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Katsura Wig

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