This brand new box set of Furoshiki is presented in a unique style, folded to resemble a woman's kimono and obi There is a navy blue Furoshiki, and a sage green Furoshiki in this set most likely. Because this Furoshiki set is brand new, we will not open and undo its contents to verify fines details such s size of this unique box set. Furoshiki are an eco solution to gift wrapping paper, and are treasured in Japan. Wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or even corporate gifts look great wrapped in a Furoshiki. The material used for this cloth is most likely an easy to care for and wash synthetic material.

Furoshiki Condition: B+, gently used would benefit from being ironed.
Size: Estimated a medium and small Furoshiki, sizes unknown due to being a new box set


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Navy Blue & Sage Green Furoshiki