Obi-ita are a kitsuke tool commonly associated with women's kimono attire. These long boards serve as a stiffener for an obi. The board is commonly tucked into place inside layers of the obi in front of a person on the belly. Without a obi-ita the obi will commonly endse up wrinkled and 'bacon' looking. When worn these stiffeners are not visible. Obi-ita can be worn with almost all kinds of women's obi from hanhaba obi, to fukuro obi.

The obi-ita we have for sale are wrapped in a nice fabric, and feature a flexible plastic core. This listing is for a single obi-ita.


  • Obi Ita Condition: A, new.


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  • This is a quick guide to kimono and obi accessories. This is not a complete listing, and if you need more advanced help please contact us. Additionally you might want to consider reviewing the reference materials we suggest in the book review section of our online kimono store. These are quick reference lists tailored for beginners.


    • Kimono Kitsuke Accessory List (feminine):
      • 1 juban (kimono underwear)
      • 2 eri shin (collar stiffeners)
      • 1 obi ita (obi stiffener)
      • 1 obi with its cordinating accessories (hanhaba/nagoya/fukuro/maru).
      • Optional accessories include haori, and hakama.


    • Kimono Kitsuke Accessory List (masculine): 
      • 1 Koshihimo
      • 1 Juban
      • 1 Obi
      • Optional accessories include: netsuke, inro, hakama, and haori.


    • Obi Kitsuke Accessory List (Nagoya/Fukuro/Maru) (feminine):
      • 1 makura
      • 1 obijime
      • 1 obiage
      • 1 obidome (Hanhana obi do not require any accessories to wear)
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