This vintage ocean blue and white Japanese kimono is in the style of an Edo Komon and features an overall fine wave style design made up of very fine dots. Typically this kind of kimono is considered semi-formal attire and is worn with a juban under it, and a nagoya obi. This type of Japanese kimono is considered less formal than an iromuji.


  • Kimono Condition: B, some faint minor discolorations around the collar where it is folded and worn against the neck. Some minor flaws, but can be worn.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 48.5 in - 123.19 cm
  • Back Width: 23 in - 58.42 cm
  • Total Length: 57.5 in - 146.05 cm
  • Collar: Full
  • Liner: Full
  • Material Estimate: Organic interior and exterior


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Ocean Blue & White Edo Komon

  • Our selection of authentic kimono are directly imported