This refined vintage women's fukuro obi features an golden design composed of a fan that is decorated with flowers and birds.  The background color of the obi is an off-white with silver that shimmers in the light. This formal obi is ideal for wearing with the likes of furisode style Japanese kimono, and perhaps even bridal attire. This obi is thin and flexible.


Fukuro obi require a variety of additional accessories for wearing in a traditional manner. Most commonly the accessories are: 1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, 1 obi-ita, and optional but suggested is an obi-dome.


  • Obi Condition: B, this obi has a variety of discolorations all over it, which may be cleaned.
  • Obi Width:  12 in - 30.48 cm
  • Obi Length:  167.5 in - 425.45 cm


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Off White & Gold Fukuro Obi