This lightweight juban is intended to be worn with a furisode, and has exceptionally long sleeves. The juban is most likely made of silk, and feels lovely. The juban itself has a manji rinzu.


  • Juban Condition: B+, this juban has no noteworthy flaws and is ready to wear.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 49 in - 124.46 cm
  • Back Width: 24 in - 60.96 cm
  • Sleeve Length: 39 in - 99.06 cm
  • Total Length:  55 in - 139.7 cm
  • Liner: Full
  • Collar: Half
  • Recommended Additional Accessories: erishin, datejime, haneri

Most Japanese kimono require wearing a juban under them. Juban help protect kimono from the natural oils and sweat on skin.

Pale Pink Furisode Juban