This lightweight vintage synthetic juban has a cotton haneri attached to it and is ready to wear. The haneri is a dark blue with white bunnies and pink and white sakura fingers. Juban are typically worn under a kimono,  and have a haneri worn on the collar. Haneri protect the collar of the juban from the natural skin oils and any cosmetics worn on the neck. This juban features tie back cords sewn onto the back to help keep the collar line lower when worn.


  • Juban Condition: B+, this juban has some faint discolorations, and the seams under the armpit have been left partially open and unfinished, most likely to give the attire a little more flexibility. These can be sewn shut.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 47 in - 119.38 cm
  • Back Width: 22 in - 55.88 cm
  • Total Length:  43 in -109.22 cm
  • Liner: Unlined
  • Collar: Half, haneri attached and needs an erishin. The attached haneri is made of cotton and is machine washable.
  • Recommended Additional Accessories: erishin, datejime


Pale Pink & White Juban