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This exceptional antique maru obi is most likely an unused antique that has sat in storage for many years. This antique is potentially from the Taisho era, and is made of silk. The obi features beautiful high-quality embroidery, with what is potentially real golden and silver thread. The quality of the embroidery of this obi, and its overall condition is exceptional: ideal for collecting.


  • Obi Condition: B+, this antique has minimal signs of wear and most likely has been sat unused in storage for many years. The obi is packaged as if unused, and is still bound. We did not unbind the obi, but left it closed to further authentic its advanced and yet unused age. There will be some minor flaws possible with this obi.
  • Obi Accessories Required: Makura, Obiage, Obijime, Obi-Ita
  • Obi Length:  160 in (estimated, to get an accurate estimate it would have to be opened)
  • Obi Width:  12.5 in
  • Material Estimiate: Silk


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Peach & Metallic Gold Maru Obi

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