What better way to attract good fortune and luck than with this adorable pink neko haneri? You won't find this fabric in American stores, because it was made in and is from Japan. Scattered about the haneri intermixed with the cheerful neko are lucky coins in gold. Han-eri are decorative collars that are attached to a juban colla, and create a pocket to slide an eri-shin into.


  • Han-Eri Condition: A, new and unused.
  • Han-Eri Width: 6 In (roughly)
  • Han-Eri Length: 54 in (roughly)
  • Han-Eri Fabric: Cotton Print from Japan with unfinished edges. Han-eri almost always have an unfinished edge and are regarded as interchangable and should be easy to wash as they will get dirty along the neckline through wear.


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Pink & Gold Han-Eri