Playful pink and white gradient color carnation flowers are scattered about the han-eri, and in the background rests a classic Japanese hemp leaf design. In addition to the carnations, there are scattered Temari balls included in the design. The fabric used to make this haneri is from Japan and is not easily found anywhere in the USA. The design on these haneri will vary slightly.


  • Han-Eri Condition: A, new and unused.
  • Han-Eri Width: 6 In (roughly)
  • Han-Eri Length: 60 in (roughly)
  • Han-Eri Fabric: Cotton Print from Japan with unfinished edges. Han-eri almost always have an unfinished edge and are regarded as interchangable and should be easy to wash as they will get dirty along the neckline through wear.


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Pink & Purple Han-Eri