This elegant purple and off white gradient Japanese kimono features a subtle tree design. This kimono is most likely made of a higher quality silk. This kind of women's kimono is considered semi-formal women's  attire. Typically a juban with han eri, and a nagoya obi is worn with this kind of kimono.


  • Kimono Condition: B+, there are some subtle fabric snags.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 49.5 in - 125.73 cm
  • Back Width: 23.5 in - 59.69 cm
  • Total Length: 60.5 in - 153.67 cm
  • Lined: No
  • Collar: Full
  • Mon: 1


Did you know that traditional Japanese kimono have many different styles and come in a range of formalities? More so, that the proper formality of obi should be paired with the complimentary kimono type. Hanhaba obi are informal obi ideal for women's yukata. Nagoya obi are informal to semi-formal obi ideal for komon to tsukesage. Fukruo and Maru obi are considered formal and are ideal for wearing with furisode, kurotomesode, and other highly formal kimono.

Purple Tsukesage