Carts with bold vibrant flowers adorn this elegant furisode. The type of cart features is the kind of cart that was popular among Japanese Princesses. Furisode are long sleeve kimono that are worn by younger unmarried ladies to formal social engagements. Fukuro obi are the formal type of obi most commonly worn atop this type of Japanese kimono. A juban with long furisode sleeves should be worn under the furisode. 


  • Furisode Condition: B, this kimono has some scattered discolorations. This kimono is most likely made from synthetic material, and so it might be possible to clean the discolorations from this kimono.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 49.5 in - 125.73 cm
  • Back Width: 24 in - 60.96 cm
  • Total Leng