This brand new men's kaku obi features an overall woven geometric pattern. The primary feature of this kaku obi is the color of it, which has a color gradient shift between a deep sangria red to a pink color. Mixed among the fibers of this obi are thin delicate golden threads, that make the obi sparkle in a subtle way. This obi is thin and flexible, ideal for tying into a wide variety of knots. Men wear their obi differently than women and wear them lower about the hips. This obi is most likely made from easy to care for synthetic material and can be machine washed with care.


  • Obi Condition: B+, brand new. There is a thin factroy flaw on one spot of the obi, which has been repaired by the factory and will be easy to hide when worn.
  • Obi Length: 155 in - 393.7 cm
  • Obi Width:  4.5 in - 11.43 cm


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Sangria Red & Pink Men's Obi