This playful vintage double sided women's hanhaba obi features two distinct and different sides: one side of a solid burnt orange color, white hte other is a sunflower yellow with stylized butterflies and flowers. This obi is made from an easy to care for synthetic fabric and is machine washable. Typically hanhaba obi are considered informal attire and are most typically worn with a yukata. Yukata are an informal type of Japanese kimono, most commonly worn to festivals and informal social events.


  • Obi Condition: B, would benefir from being ironed.
  • Size: One size fits most.

Hanhaba obi are considered the easier kinds of obi for kimono to learn how to tie. These kinds of obi do not commonly need any additional accessories to be worn in a traditional style with a kimono. Hanhaba obi are considered a feminine expression. 

Sunflower Yellow & Burnt Orange Hanhaba Obi