This vintage sky blue men's juban features a handpainted landscape across the back which includes pine trees, and a mountain. Juban are worn under Japanese kimono, with the collar and hints of the sleeves visible when worn under a traditional kimono. Additionally, a decorative collar called a haneri may be added to the collar of a juban to change up the look, and also protect the neckline of the juban and kimono from natural body oils and sweat. This juban has extra fabric in the seams and could be expanded to increase the girth, it has plus size potential.


  • Juban Condition: C- this old juban has many holes in it, some of which have been patched. This juban is ideal for someone who plans on being destructive to the juban or does not mind it's older age. The problems with this juban will not be normally seen when worn under a juban.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 52 in - 132.08 cm
  • Back Width: 26 in - 66.04 cm
  • Length: 51 in - 129.54 cm
  • Liner: Lined
  • Collar: Half


Juban are popular to wear as loungewear, and even a few have become smoking jackets over the years.

Tan Juban

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