This stunning antique nagoya obi is teal colored, and freatures 2 major themes on it's design, most notable is the treasure ship. There are metallic gold accents on this older obi. Nagoya obi are worn atop of women's Japanese kimono and require a few accessories for a proper fit.


  • Obi Condition: C+, this older obi suffers from overall dirt and would benefit from cleaning. In some places the embroidery has worn, or come loose. There are areas where the silk fabric has rubbed, and worn thin.
  • Obi Length: 125 in - 317.5 cm


Obi require a variety of accessories to be worn in a culturally respectful manner: 1 makura, 1 obiage, 1 obijime, and 1 obi-ita are standard.

Teal Nagoya Obi