Pink and black butterflies with white floral accents are scattered all over this vintage youth yukata. For ease of wearing this yukata has sewn onto it 2 ties that act as koshihimo. The yukata itself has been hemmed, which could be undone to increase the size of this informal children's kimono. Youth yukata are typically paired with a heko obi.


  • Yukata Condition: B+, some minor and faint flaws that do not impact wear or presentation.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 45 in - 114.3 cm
  • Back Width: 21 in - 53.34 cm
  • Total Length: 43 in - 109.22 cm


Yukata among the more casual kinds of wafuku, and are most commonly worn to fun social events such as festivals.

Teal & White Yukata