Black arrowed adorn with blue flowers, upon a white background, is the design features on this new women's yukata. This yukata is a unique size, and is taller than most kimono, and is ideal for taller persons. Yukata are considered an informal kind of Japanese kimono which are commonly worn with a hanhaba obi. YUkata are considered one of the easier kinds of kimono to wear, and self-dressing is fairly straightforward.


Yukata Condition: A, new with tags.

Wrist To Wrist: 52.5 in - 133.35 cm

Back Width: 25 in - 63.5 cm

Length (Tall): 66 in - 167.64 cm


Contrary to popular belief, a kimono is not held on the body by the obi. Kimono need accessories such as koshihimo to be worn in a traditional manner. If you are buying your first ever kimono, be certain to grab at least 2 koshihimo with your purchase.


White & Black Yukata