This elegant brand new button up lace false collar is the perfect addition to any kimono wardrobe. This easy to wear accessory functions as a false collar that gives the illusion of wearing a shirt or lace underlayer without actually doing so, helping you stay cooler and much more comfortable. This lace collar style is popular among the steampunk community, people who favor historical looks like those from the Meiji Restoration era, and trending looks such as those features in the Kimono Hime publication.

The buttons on the front are fully functional, and may even be replaced for a more custom look.


  • Collar Condition: New, brand new.
  • Size: Adult, one size fits most. Easily customized to fit many more sizes. Neck width measures: 
  • Material: Synthetic, easy to care for. Can be washed with care.


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White Kimono False Collar