This brand new yukata set comes from Tokyo Disney and is not sold online. Included in this yukata set are 4 themed parts: 1 yukata, 1 Rapunzel hand fan, one pink easy obi, and a set of geta. These sets can only be bought at the Tokyo Disney park. This yukata set is officially licensed and features it's branded tags. These sets are limited runs.


  • Yukata Set Condition: A, brand new unused in it's packaging. This set has never been worn or opened. the plastic packaging is not in great condition, but the set itself has no damage. These are limited edition offical Disney yukata.
  • Yukata Length: 64.17 in - 163 cm (roughly)
  • Wrist To Wrist: 51 in - 134 cm (roughly)
  • Geta Size: Unknown, assume petite.
  • Disclaimer: Ohio Kimono, LLC makes no claims to ownership or copyrights belonging to Walt Disney, and is not affiliated with Walt Disney.


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White Rapunzel 4 Part Yukata Set

  • Kimono require a variety of additional parts to wear in a traditional manner that observes Japanese customs. This list is a minimum baseline for what accessories we recommend you own for wearing your yukata. Without critical accessories such as koshihimo a kimono will not have a flattering or graceful look when worn. Because yukata are informal attire for when the weather is hot, they do not require as many parts to wear.

    • Recommended additional parts: 2 Koshihimo, 1 obi-ita, 1 hanhaba obi