This vintage women's edo komon is a bold red and black, with a fine overall botanical pattern. Edo Komon are a semi-formal kimono type, which are sometimes worn to settings such as tea ceremony. A juban should be worn under this kind of kimono, and a nagoya obi atop it. This kimono is potentially made of silk on the exterior, and very likely to be fully lined in silk.


  • Iromuji Condition: B+, needs to be ironed with some minor flaws that have no serious impact on wear or presentation. This kimono has in it white basting stitches, which the new owner will need to remove.
  • Wrist To Wrist: 51 in - 129.54 cm
  • Back Width: 25.5 in - 64.77 cm
  • Total Length: 58.5 in - 148.59 cm
  • Collar: Full (needs a eri-shin collar stiffener)
  • Liner: Lined
  • Mons: None
  • Material Estimate: Organic Interior & Synthetic Exterior


Japanese kimono requires a variety of accessories to be worn in a traditional style. Contrary to popular belief the kimono is not held onto a person by the obi. Obi largely served a decorative role without any functional role. Kimono accessories such as koshihimo play the role of actually holding a kimono on a body. We offer a full range of traditional kimono dressing accessories for sale in our store.

Red & Black Edo Komon Kimono